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Analytics for Your Business - It Is Inevitable

Your subject matter expertise and our analytics expertise will get YOU far.

We can assist with any type of statistical ("analytics") inquiry. We have worked in a variety of industries and variety of data such as manufacturing, technical support, health care claims, college entrance and job data, Medicare data, mortgage data, drug ratings, survey construction and analysis, etc.

We perform analysis and data mining of your existing data or of publically available data sets to help set directions for your business. We can help find relationships in your existing data that you can use for forecasting, pricing, quality control, yield maximization, consumer protection, etc.

We resell and support SPSS Modeler, a great analytics system for users ranging from beginners to data scientists. It has a graphical interface which makes modelling a lot more error free (and pleasant).

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Data Mining

Data Mining

Whether it is unstructured emails for the legal department or terabyte Oracle databases for your marketing executives or smaller datasets that may have important implications for your business we can get you rapid insight into your data. Here are some service we have for you:

Statistical analysis of data identifying clusters and correlations

Text analysis using natural language processing

Web scraping

Examine KPIs for use in benefits compensation

Machine learning

Survey construction and results interpretation

Assistance with SPSS Modeler and other statistical packages

Sales of SPSS Modeler



Organizations using analytics to drive their business tend to outperform their competitors. Help your organization optimize its processes by using information from the data sets at your disposal.

We also provide expert testimony from our findings in the fields of analytics, Lotus Notes mail audits and scientific authorship.

The Case for SPSS Modeler

MIT Scientists

MIT Scientists with Business Experience

We employ only the smartest data scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology who will get you the best results.

All have ten or more years of business experience.