Education has grown to be very costly so institutions need to keep their market share, retain customers and deliver more at a lower price.

Avalon Analytics services can help:

  • Optimize the incoming student body for revenue, accomplishment and likely performance
  • Identify students from existing databases who are at risk for drop out
  • Identify best target populations for fundraising
  • Forecast and optimize government research funding
  • Class volume planning
For example, we help New Jersey school districts improve their performance on the NJ School Performance Report:
  • Check and adjust all placement rubrics using statistical evidence
  • Help identify factors behing poor proficiency in particular subjects such as biology
  • Help increase proportion of students successfully taking AP courses
  • Help increase proportion of students passing particular requirements
  • Identify underperforming departments
Click for an analysis of New Jersey School Performance Reports

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Example: Identifying the influence of social group on PARCC Algebra 1 scores.